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How to disable reWASD for games that don't need the controller support

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    It doesn't all look the same but I'm not sure how to change the things that are different or how that affects anything.
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      Please try the following:

      1. Switch mapping to Xbox 360 off, you do not need it for Valorant
      2. Turn manual Remap OFF
      3. Click Radar icon to switch autodetect on

      Here is a video of the described steps:


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        Well now none of my games are working, including Valorant.


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          I think I'm just gonna delete this shit because it's ruined everything.


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            Please follow the guide above or check this help link.

            The main issue on your screenshot above is that Autodetect hasn't been adjusted properly.

            You may try turn remap manually: just choose a config and click Apply. After you are done with Valorant, turn Remap OFF (at the bottom left of the app or from the tray agent).

            When Remap is OFF, reWASD does nothing with your controller.


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              im having the exact same problem as this guy and it honestly couldn't be anymore confusing if you hired somebody to make it more confusing, PLEASE make it easier to understand how to apply settings for only ONE GAME AND ONE GAME ONLY


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                Hi, kuruptthps

                1. Yep, this is how it works, more staff — more confusing GUI.

                2. Provide some details of the case. What game, what mappings, what device is used? Do you use autodetect? Steps to reproduce?
                Don't worry! Be Happy!