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New to rewasd. Create TouchPad swipes?

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  • New to rewasd. Create TouchPad swipes?

    Hi guys
    I'm new to rewasd. I use a lot remote play but I don't like the DS4 controller. So I have a Custom controller that are recognized as xbox 360 controller on windows 10.
    How can I emulate the TouchPad swipes of a ds4? I saw the teaser of version 5.4 but I don't understand it.

    Can anyone give me a step by step guide to set up all for swipes?
    I know there aren't many games for this swipes but I like to be prepared.

    Thank you very much


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    Please, use this online tutorial regarding touchpad emulation -

    Let me know if any questions remain.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      I saw that but I don't understand it 😅
      I overwrite the buttons only


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        So, what doesn't work? Create the DS4 controller and add required swipes, like guide shows.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          When I ad a swipe right on b button. The b button doesn't work any more


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            Thank you for your reply.
            If you mapped the swipe right to B control and unmap it (like this -, then B control is totally muted and the game sees a virtual DS4 controller with Swipe right instead of B button.

            Do you need to use "B" controller as regular control and as swipe? In this case, please try shift mode and set mappings like this - What I did is create a new layout where B acts like swipe right.

            So, the main configuration I press B and get B (3), but when I press shift modifier (9), the B control acts like swipe, press the shift modifier again and get the main configuration. A shift modifier is any button you select.

            More detailed regarding the shift is here -

            Don't worry! Be Happy!


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              Ah ok. Now I understand
              But the most buttons are set in games. How can there be a extra function as shift modifier for one button? The only button to mapping is the share button but then I don't have a touchpad click.
              It's so confusing for me. Mapping is totall new for me


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                There are a few ways how to add additional actions to your controller.

                Shift mode: you need to reserve a modifier key, and once you press it, all controller buttons are switched to the new layout.
                This method is used in our teaser video, and here is a config you can use as an example.

                Activators: adding more actions to Double, Long, Triple taps.

                Shortcuts: new actions are mapped to a shortcut of several controller buttons.

                Please review the help links in my post, I hope it will help.


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                  Many thanks to you both. I will try it as soon as possible


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                    You're welcome. Have a great gaming experience.
                    Don't worry! Be Happy!