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Controller button presses still detected when mapped to keys.

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  • Controller button presses still detected when mapped to keys.

    This is my first post in the forum.

    I use a PS Navigation controller instead of a keyboard while playing games on the PC. This software is one of the best I have come across on the PC with all the advanced features.

    I've used the software for some time now and it works great.

    I do have a couple of issues with it so far though -

    The first issue is while playing CoD, the game recognises controller button presses for a fraction of a second before it applies the mapped input. It's not game-breaking by any means, but it does cause an annoying pop-up asking me to visit the settings to change input method in-game. It appears as if the software isn't quite hiding the physical controller. Is there any way of getting rid of that?

    The second is not so much an issue, it's more a feature request - and that is the ability to change the image of the controller in the software. I use software that turns my Navigation controller into an 360 controller - I did try the default PS navigation without the xinput wrapper - and I love the PS navigation image that you have in the software, but due to the hardware you lose bluetooth functionality by doing so. It would be great if you could add a custom layout for those who are using the xinput wrapper so I can have that navigation controller image back.

    Thanks for your time and great work on the software.

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    1. The controller is remapped to a keyboard, so you play with the keyboard layout in the game. In this case, please check if the controller is completely unmapped, literally each of the buttons. Easy to do via magic wand - unmap all. Then, you may open the jouy.cpl, for example, and check if controller input is detected. I think the issue is that the controller is not unmapped completely. Let me know the results.

    2. Since the reWASD 5.5, the BT connection for the Nav controller is supported natively, without extra software (guide). Check the manual on how to connect it via BT directly, Nav will be displayed as the original PlayStation 3 Navigation controller in the main interface.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly; and thanks for the answers, they were very helpful. Clicking on the wand and pressing 'remove all' did indeed sort the issue out.

      Also, I have removed the ScpServer drivers and have checked out the BT function for the Navigation controller on reWASD.

      I am amazed, it all works; something that I have read in various circles probably couldn't be done.



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        Great news! Thank you for your feedback. Have a great gaming experience.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!