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Controller Inputs Are Lagging. (As well as other issues).

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  • Controller Inputs Are Lagging. (As well as other issues).

    TL: DR at the bottom.

    I recently got a USB Dongle (Avantree DG40S) and having been using reWASD in order to use both a PS3 controller and Joycons.

    I've set up both a layout so that i can use mouse controls with the controller for listening to music and watching stuff away from my desk and one to play games with (just the default Xbox controls). The Joycons had worked fine for two days without a problem (apart from occasionally one of the buttons would randomly remap without me touching the software) and both the joysticks and buttons were super responsive.

    Then i attempted to play split screen with two sets of Joycons. I could connect them all fine however when i started playing the game (Black Ops III) the right Joycons would both lose Bluetooth and disconnect while the left ones would continue to work fine. I have a total of 8 Joycons in my house and after trying with plenty of configurations it always ended up the same.

    I eventually gave up and an hour or so later tried to switch one pair of Joycons back to the aforementioned set up and since then I've been having massive problems with delay and dropped inputs. The Joycons will most of the time work fine but all of a sudden stop being responsive before severally over correcting like i have some major Joycon drift. This same thing happens with the buttons. For example i have a trigger that was mapped to volume up and instead of increasing by 2 like normal, one tap increased it by 50. This problem seems consistent across different Joycons and i don't understand why it started.

    Today I changed tactics and tried to set up two PS3 controllers (with the help of SCPToolkit) i was mainly using reWASD to add delays to the keys that occasionally get pressed by the SCP, this was working perfectly even with two controllers connected and i got Black Ops III working in split screen without issue. However after 20 mins or so of testing I seemed to be getting a similar problem with the Joycons where the inputs would not respond then catch up. This was to a lesser effect, mostly just being latency rather than over correction however at one point one of my sticks was spinning constantly right without me touching it.

    The only external factor that i was worried was interfering (in both cases) was SCPToolkit however i uninstalled it twice to verify its innocence and the Joycons were still acting up. I also testing the PS3 controller on the mouse control layout and it didn't seem to be having issue even after playing games.

    TL: DR:
    1. Buttons would randomly remap without me touching it (e.g. left stick up to volume up or something like that).
    2. Joycons would disconnect when trying to play split screen.
    3. Joycons suffered from severe delay often over correcting massively.
    4. PS3 controller suffered from a similar issue to a lesser extent.

    Sorry about the long post and look forward to hearing any suggestions / info.
    Cheers, PiFox.
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    Thank you for your issue explanation, but it seems that this is a hardware issue related directly to the USB dongle. Controllers are working after config apply for some time, then are started glitching (especially controller disconnecting) but not because of the software. Perhaps, too many BT devices are detected by the adapter and it causes the issue. Try to limit the number of connected devices via this adapter, like left only a single controller for testing.
    1. I would check if the problem persists with a wired connection.
    2. Re-instal the driver (does it uses the native Windows 10 Bluetooth driver or dedicated DG40s software?).
    3. Check another BT adapter and try to reproduce the issue.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for the advice, it sounds like i might just need a better bluetooth dongle but ill fiddle around with stuff and see if i can get things to work.

      I had a feeling it might be the bluetooth not being able to handle 4 controllers at once and the input lag would make sense if the bluetooth is dropping it.

      Thanks again, PiFox.


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        No problem, feel free to contact if any questions come up about reWASD.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          when I move my mouse whether it's on my desktop or in-game, Fortnite, CSGO, Minecraft, Overwatch, Call of duty any game! The mouse movement feels like it's lagging or sluggish like I'm dragging the cursor slower than normally, Every mouse I've has I set it to 1000hz 800dpi, I have mouse acceleration off and set to the 6th tick. I have tried reinstalling windows 3 times on my new pc! I've reset the system 2 times as well.
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            Please describe in more detail how this happens. What devices and config do you use?