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  • Two questions

    1.When I use 【Left Stick movement】in macro,can we ignore the player's left stick movement input?
    for instance, I set a UP (left stick) in my macro queue, but when the real left stick is DOWN, the UP in the macro doesnt work :(

    2.How to do a button up in the 【hold until release】mode?
    or How to do a triple-click 【A】, and the third 【A】 will hold until release

    Thank you

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    Thank you for your questions:

    1. Try to use the relative deflection to combo instead of the absolute one.

    2. Combo with down-up, down-up, down - hold until release.

    I guess, reWASD cant' do it. You may use the activator to set mapping on start press + hold until release on a single press, but it's double click. Start\release press isn't allowed to set combo (yet), so, unfortunately, no option to make a triple press the way you like for now.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Found a combination that is using some quirks reWASD 5.5.1 have and happens to be an answer for the 2nd question:

      Tap-Tap-Hold Combo

      Key points are:
      - delay between keys is 20ms or more;
      - the pause before last [Square Up] is set to at least 60000ms (1 minute), that is used to hold off the 3rd "Square release" event and to keep [Turbo] from repeating the Combo;
      - [Turbo] flag is enabled for this combo, its value is of no matter, as we only need its "quirk" to stop combo once trigger button is released, that will, for at least 1 minute, emulate the "hold until release" behaviour for 3rd "tap".

      You can set bigger pause value, if you're planning to hold the trigger button for longer time.