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Triggering action and leaving it on?

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  • Triggering action and leaving it on?

    Hello, I am looking to send the input of both thumbsticks to my computer without having to hold them deflected. So, I need a software that can input one or both stick positions and keep it on, so that I don't have to hold it with my finger the whole time.

    I have a game where I can control the camera with the thumbsticks. I want to pan the camera for a long duration shot, so need the stick held deflected for a few hours at a time. Can reWASD do it?


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    Perhaps, shortcuts will be useful for your case. Using this feature, select the stick direction, stick zone -> select the mapping that still is going to mapped - > check toggle option (screenshot). As soon the stick rich the high zone mapping is fired and keeps being fired until you press it again.

    Also, you may try to map sone binding to high stick zone and toggle it as well (screenshot)

    Check these options for your workflow.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!