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Dualshock 4 left and right touchpad click

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  • Dualshock 4 left and right touchpad click

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible to have the program recognize between clicking the left side of the touchpad and the right side as an input. I've semi accomplished this by setting L/R-Lower as a shift activator and setting the touchpad as the key i want to use, but this way makes me use 2 separate shift profiles to accomplish what is essentially a single button press, but only being able to activate said button press with the lower half of the touchpad. Is there a more efficient way to do this that I'm just too dumb to notice?

    I've also tried to set the shift activator as the touchpad and setting the L/R-upper and lower as their respective button presses, but due to how ReWASD registers that I'll have to press it down on onw side and touch the other side to activate it.

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    Got it. Well, we are working hardly to improve the DS4 trackpad with the next version of reWASD, it will be possible to map it as a mouse. For now it is really complicated, it has different zones and a separate click. We suggest you to wait a bit till we will complete the next version.


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      You can try Shortcuts instead of Shift mode: map the required actions to Left Low + Click, Right Low + Click, etc.

      But yep, more improvements are coming to the next release, so stay tuned!