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Mapping Xbox controller Xbutton to send Left Trigger doesn't let native input through

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  • Mapping Xbox controller Xbutton to send Left Trigger doesn't let native input through

    Hello everyone

    I'm new to rewasd.

    I'm trying to remap my xbox controller so that, when I press X button, it also sends a press of LeftTrigger 220 mseconds after pressing X (alongside letting the native X input through).

    (this is useful in Devil May Cry 5 to power up your sword after an attack).

    In theory, I believe it could work by mapping X with the following key combo (and having unmap unchecked) : 220ms pause then Left trigger. (execute at once mode, single press mode)

    However, when I do this, I only get the left trigger press when pressing X, the native X button doesn't register. (this may be due to a quirk in the Devil May Cry game, or it's beacause I did'nt use the correct options)

    I found a workaround by mapping X to send the following combo : X, 220 ms pause, LeftTrigger.

    This works, however this method forbids me from using commands in the game with long presses of X, which trigger different attacks. This is because the combo only sends quick presses of X, and doesn't allow me to choose between quick and long presses of the X button.

    Using the "hold until release" mode doesn't either, as the Left trigger press isnt registered with the correct delay then.

    Can you help me ?

    -How can I make it so that pressing X on the controller lets the native input through, and sends LerftTrigger 220 ms afterwards ?

    -Alternativeley, is there a way in the combo editor to have it differentiate long or quick button presses ?

    Thansk for your help ;

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    Perhaps, you can use activators and remap +LT combo to double or triple press. In this case, the single press gives you a native X button press with the option of long press for different attacks, the double press gives you a required combo. More detailed about activation this link
    Don't worry! Be Happy!