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  • Need help with M&K

    hey, so i got this problem which i use a cnfg who used to work just fine.
    not sure what happend but suddenly. when i move/sprint and move the mouse together , the mouse jitter/stutter/laggy.
    im talking about COD
    im using a mouse G502 1400 dpi
    keybaord - roccat isku.

    the thing is.. that once in a while the mouse moves smooth again and then suddenly stutters and is uncontrolable.
    i tried playing with the deflections but dosent help. it changes the feeling for the moments that the mouse is "fine" but then when its start to stutter its like it dosent matter.

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    If the remapped mouse to right stick is jittering as you mentioned check the deadzone and lessen a bit if it's too big. Also, please fiddle with the smoothing and noise filter option in the advanced setting. Here is a video guide that explains lots of details regarding on how to set up a mouse remapped to the right stick. There are time codes, so you could select the required use case time.

    You can also change the in-game sensitivity settings, as well as your mouse DPI. DPI is not so important but it will change it a bit. Try to decrease stick deadzone, look stick deadzone, fiddle with look sensitivity. In-game settings are important as well and give you even better gameplay that reWASD settings only.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      ya i tried all those , the main issue is when i move , its like somthing with keyboard sync is not write .. and mainly when i do circular motions.
      weirder is that somtimes it works and somtimes it dosent without even changing the settings .
      and to be honest .. feels like the stick curve is the one who affects it the most
      any ideas?


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        Hey there!

        Please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.
        I think it would be easier to find what happens with your config.