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Please help, intermittent disconnecting/reconnecting

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  • Please help, intermittent disconnecting/reconnecting

    I use a dualshock 3 with my logitech mouse to play most games. I've set everything up and it works great except all my input devices frequently disconnect for a few moments and my in-game character freezes then everything reconnects again (this is accompanied by the windows notification sound). Sometimes it doesn't reconnect at all and I have to restart my pc. This issue only happens with rewasd running and happens on all games. Can someone help me?

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    Hi. We are sorry that you have faced with such issues using our software.
    There are a few steps which might help.
    The first step I would like to ask you is making some sort of 'Fresh start' or 'Cache clearing'.
    • Go to Preferences (a gear icon at the bottom right), General tab
    • Click Clear data button and confirm your action
    • Wait until the GUI and tray agent appear
    • Initialize your devices from scratch and try again
    If this step won't help, reinstallation of the software should help. Feel free to do so, and if you want to make copy of the config you created, it will be available here:

    Let us know whether it helps or not so we can continue the investigation.


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      Thank you wookiepediologist. One more thing how do you connect the DS3 controller (wired or wireless, as reWASD supports the BT DS3 connection)? About the sound, it looks like the controller disappears from the system and back again. May I ask you to check if the controller stays in the joy.cpl when you heard the system sound?
      Don't worry! Be Happy!


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        Hi, thanks for both of your responses.

        wookiepediologist I don't seem to have the "clear data" button, perhaps this is something that was only implemented on newer versions? You might now be thinking, Why is he not on the latest version?. I went back to 5.4.0 because I had problems getting the latest version to work with my foot switch. However, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing in the past where I was prompted to re-initialize my devices but unfortunately the problem persisted.

        Star-Lord I connect my ps3 controller using a cable. You may be interested to know in joy.cpl it initially displays "PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller" but when I apply the config it changes to "Wireless Controller". There is another entry shown as "2 axis 8 button gamepad" which doesn't change.

        Star-Lord It's difficult to tell if it disappears from the system because it usually reconnects before I get the chance to tab out of the game and check joy.cpl.


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          I'd suggest checking cable and controller for physical damage. Especially the mini-USB port on controller, as they tend to loosen up pretty quickly.


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            Hi, thanks for your reply.

            I forgot to mention I have tried a lot of the usual easy fixes such as re-installing, replacing cable, trying different controller, trying different usb port, turning off usb power saving in windows etc.


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              Could you please try another type of the virtual controller? You are using DS4 (as for it is switches to Wireless Controller after you apply a config). Does the same happen with other ones (Xbox 360 or Xbox One)?


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                The controller has only one mini-USB port. And if it loosens up any movement might trigger a physical disconnect. At least my DS4 is already having similar issues, even through I've got it only about 2 months ago.

                Do you have a bluetooth on your PC? Checking how your controller works via BT might at least exclude the physical damage as a reason for this problem.


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                  hi again, thanks for both of your responses. I really appreciate everyone chipping in to try to help with this issue.

                  reWASDer I have tried switching the virtual controller to xbox 360 but unfortunately the intermittent disconnecting persists.

                  Shion At first I also thought a faulty controller port was the problem so I tried plugging in my ps4 controller and I got the same problem so I have ruled out that theory as it is unlikely that 2 controllers (one of them is quite new) would both have a problem with the usb port. If i can find my old xbox 360 wired controller and test on that too to get a more conclusive verdict.


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                    If you could collect some logs by following this instruction, we might figure something out. Just keep in mind that you'll have to catch the moment of disconnection while logs are being collected.

                    But I still find it hard to believe that hardware problem is unrelated here. Some kind of damage on the motherboard in the area related to USB ports or a faulty PC power supply still can be a reason for this. Static electricity discharges are also a possibility, as they are able to either "reset" the connection or "shortcircuit" it so only a restart (power off/on cycle) can help, which fits your description. Especially if PC case is filled with dust or covered/in contact with some cloth. And reWASD is most likely just making those short-timed disconnections more severe by adjusting to the changes in the list available control devices.