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Auto-detect with UWP / Win10 games

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  • Auto-detect with UWP / Win10 games

    Since UWP titles don't use traditional exe files I'm having a difficult time getting auto-detect to work. The specific game in question is Minecraft (though I assume this discussion would help for any game). In task manager I've found that there is a Minecraft.Windows.exe that is run inside of Minecraft's UWP Install folder but reWASD isn't working with this one. Unfortunately, as far as I can see this is the only .exe associated with the game. I'm tempted to make an empty program that launches with Minecraft and does nothing but will be something to signal reWASD to load the config but I'm hoping there is an easier way.

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    Hey there!

    Yes, we know about this issue and are planning to implement another way of adding apps for Autodetect — using active processes. Not sure about the ETA at the moment, but we will certainly do it.