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gyro on logitech f310

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  • gyro on logitech f310

    I cannot fully use my controller in ps now. How to set up a gyroscope on a logitech f 310 controller
    In rewasd, I chose the default ps4 remote play profile, but how exactly do you configure gyroscope for a controller or mouse or keyboard?

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    The virtual DS4 controller doesn't have a gyro emulation option yet. We are planning to add the feature in one of the next releases. Stay tuned!
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for the answer.
      I think I might be buying an original DS4 controller soon, but in that case I have one more question.
      As far as I know, the gyroscope and touch only work on the DS4 if it is connected to a PC via a cable or with an original wireless USB adapter from SONY that I could not find on sale.
      I am ready to put up with a wired connection, but still I would like to use bluetooth which is already in my laptop. The question is, will the gyroscope and touch in reWASD work on the original DS4 if it is connected via bluetooth?


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        Hi there,

        Gyro works with DS4 connected via cable or wireless. As far as I know, this is an original adapter, so it shouldn't be a problem at all.
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          I'll add a bit of clarity. The touchpad and gyro work regardless of how it's connected to the computer -- USB, Bluetooth, or the Official Receiver. While I can't personally attest to the official receiver, I have used the gyro and touchpad over both USB and Bluetooth. As a note -- the DS4 has a higher response frequency over Bluetooth (probably because Sony never intended data to be sent over the USB, even on the PS4 it was only used for charging at launch). For best results I actually suggest using Bluetooth unless you want to overdrive the USB.


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            Hello CriticalComposer,
            Thank you for your clarification, very helpful.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!