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Third Party Joy-Con support

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  • Third Party Joy-Con support

    What are the chances that this third party Joy-Con is supported in reWASD? Nintendo's offerings feel too clunky and lack USB charging so I've been looking at alternatives but if they won't work with reWASD then there isn't any point in getting them.

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    Haven't tested it, so can't give any comments regarding the controller support.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      One major advantage of this is that the system can be used in a single hand without the need for a separate handheld controller. For example, you can give a presentation while keeping one Joy-Con controller in your pocket or bag, and play games with the other in fnf your hands.
      Additionally, as Joy-Con controllers are wireless accessories, they can be used on almost any device with an available USB-C port. So if you already own a smartphone or tablet with USB-C support, you can easily connect to the Nintendo Switch and enjoy all the features of this new hybrid console.
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