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    Hello, I've bought this app for windows 10 to connect my ps4 controller to my pc. The app si wonderful but i have one problem. I'm gaming with it and the game ask me to turn down the controller (using gyroscope) and it doesn't work. Surfing on web, i need to enable "pitch" on the rewasd gyroscope but i can't find this function. How can i enable it?
    The gyroscope is working because i've tried to map a button keyboard to "move down" gyroscope, and it works as a button.

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    Hi there,

    The virtual DS4 controller doesn't have gyro emulation, so if you create a virtual Ds4 controller it won't work. You need to remove gyro mapping and use it as DS4 as a physical device in the game.

    As for surfing, you may remap scroll up down for pitching, so pages are scrolling up or down while surfing.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!