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I can't change axis ranges on my joysticks

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  • I can't change axis ranges on my joysticks


    On my elite 2 axis ranges won't apply to the sticks. Trying this on Rocket League.

    I can only make the settings work if I bind one of the directions to a button, then other axis ranges are applied to the stick. But I need to use all four joyatick inputs with axis ranges and I'm stuck.

    Here's a pic of my config that won't work if I don't bind A and X to down on the sticks.

    Thank's for any help

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    Axis range option is for digital buttons or keys mapped to the stick only, so yes, it doesn't influence a virtual stick.

    We have tested these functionality internally, and came to the conclusion that stick becomes pretty intermittent with any axis range > 1. In this case, stick loses its analog mode, and becomes a kind of a digital control. Is that the thing you want to achieve?


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      Thank you for the reply.

      In Rocket League you need to be very precise with your joystick because it's like any degree of input will move your car. There is no safe zone for you when you just want to press up, down, right or left. So I find myself doing unwanted movement everytime.

      Tuning the ranges of the sticks solved tons of problems. But losing one stick direction because I have to use A and X brings different problems because I loose in precision. I didn't notice a problem of intermittency yet but I'll be cautious.

      Not sure if there is a solution for me. Basically I just need to replace A and X with a joystick input. I tried to have Joystick Left Down on the right joystick and vice versa but it doesn't work at all.

      It's too bad this functionnality doesn't work well. I hope you solve it some day.


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        In the upcoming version, we are adding the "digital mode" for sticks. Once it is enabled, you will be able to change axes ranges, and they will influence on the virtual stick. I think we should start from this functionality, I hope it may work for you. So, stay tuned, will be happy to let you know once we release the next version. It is scheduled for the second half of November.


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          That's great. You are doing a wonderful job constantly upgrading this software that I can't live without, thank you!


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            Thank you for your kind words


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              Hello Onecat

              We have released reWASD 5.6 that includes a Digital mode for sticks, in which you can add 8 separated mappings to the directions and diagonals of a stick.

              Would be grateful if you could check this feature after the update

              You will need to go to Advanced section for a stick and check Use 8 digital directions option.