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Remap is OFF. Remap not working on bluetooth keyboard.

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  • Remap is OFF. Remap not working on bluetooth keyboard.

    I have 2 keyboards connected to my PC. One is generic USB keyboard and the other is wireless Logitech keyboard connected via Bluetooth 4.0 dongle.
    Remap works fine on the USB keyboard, however when I hit "Apply" on wireless keyboard, it's always say "Remap is OFF". Seems like the issue is with this specific device only as managed to use remap on other devices.

    So far I tried:
    • Add/remove associated apps
    • Reinstalling the app. Deleting all .bin files in C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD folder
    • Putting both keyboards into a single group but same issue (Remap is OFF always)

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    Make sure both devices were initialized as a keyboard. Will appreciate if you provide me with a rewasd screenshot.


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      Hi there,

      What Bluetooth dongle is used? Do you use the autodetect feature? Maybe remap is off because the set game or application becomes out of focus. We would appreciate it if you collect a log regarding this case.

      Here is the link on how to collect logs. We need Logging with tracetext. Following the steps, create reWASD.exe shortcut and add the command - > launch the software via this shortcut - > reproduce the issue and send us the required text log file.

      Thank you in advance.
      Don't worry! Be Happy!