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Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller Support for Win 7 and later until 10

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  • Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller Support for Win 7 and later until 10


    I did just bought a full Licence for ReWASD,

    When I did found about this software I was really excited with all the great features that it does provide.

    However I do have an unfortunate issue. The configurator for Xbox One Elite Series 2 Elite requires to goes through Xbox Accessory first which is W10 Only and I can't get through and configure my XBO Elites Controller Series 2 at all, the windows aren't active except the "done" button.

    Yes I know Win 7 is at the end of Life but I don't plan on changing OS before having the funds for a whole New PC right now.and Xbox One Elite Series 2 also works wired with with WIn7 and regular X One Controller drivers aswell
    I know that regular Elite controller got Win7 treatement on ReWASD and in a nutshell is quite similar to Series 2. Any chance you could update the software/with kinda copy pasting the code you used for Elite 1 Win 7 support for Elite 2?

    I would be really happy with that.

    Thanks you very much for your attention and time

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately no. The Xbox Accessories app is required to use, mostly to unmap paddles. Otherwise, you get double inputs. Plus, firmware updates are available through Xbox Accessories as well.
    Besides, there are lots of differences between controllers (Elite 1 vs Elite 2) under the hood, so, Xbox Accessories usage is a necessary step to be taken.

    Sorry, but I do recommend using windows 10 to install Xbox Accessories completed functionality with reWASD and firmware updates.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for the clarifications and reply =)


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        Hi there,
        You're welcome
        Don't worry! Be Happy!