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Help with KBM Aim Assist - cold war

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  • Help with KBM Aim Assist - cold war

    hey guys

    just wondering if anyone could give me a walk-through of how I could going about getting aim assist on cold war, with my keyboard and mouse. I am a complete noob when it comes to rewasd since I just got so all the help is appreciated.

    if you want to add me on discord and help id really appreciate it
    disc } chimp#0385

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    Hi there,

    1. Make sure, that the advanced feature is active. It has 3 days trial if you testing the software.
    2. Make sure that mouse and keyboard are detected correctly (this video explains details).
    3. Follow this online tutorial explaining how the group mouse and keyboard, set config, and do some testing out the game if it would be required.
    4. Apply config - > run the game -> play.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!