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Need Help with Remapping Tyranny

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  • Need Help with Remapping Tyranny

    So, I have came across this autohotkey mod combo with Xpadder over at Nexus Mods and I've been trying to recreate what was done as REwasd has some advance features that should be able to mimic what was done there but I just started using this and creating profiles in simple yet effective ways and can't seem to get it right
    I really need help with this.
    Here is the link that shows and explains in detail the Nexus mods remapping addon along with images etc.

    Automated coursor movement in different situation and well thought key layout will bring you complete and smooth gaming with controller for Tyranny.

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    Hi there,

    May I ask you what exactly is difficult to setup? What mappings do you need to setup?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!