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Gamecube Controller Adapter in Wii U/Switch Mode Not Detected

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  • Gamecube Controller Adapter in Wii U/Switch Mode Not Detected

    I have both the official adapter without the PC mode and the Mayflash third party adapter that does have the switch for PC mode. Not trying to be snide, just trying to inform, there seems to be some information from whoever is helping. Probably doesn't make a difference, but there it is. They seem well-informed otherwise.

    Anyway, when I plug in the Adapter in PC mode I get the message to switch to Wii U mode as it says on the support page. When I do, the device isn't detected by reWASD. I went into the Devices and Printers page in the control panel and the Device Manager and both recognize it as "WUP-028" as it should. The same is true for the official device without the PC mode. It also shows up as "WUP-028" and isn't detected by reWASD.

    I already went through the process of "uninstall device" from the Device Manager to get rid of the Zadig drivers needed for Dolphin and restarted the computer as explained in this post: and reWASD still will not detect either device in Wii U mode.

    Log of process explained in linked Forum post is attached
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    Please note, that reWASD does not work with third-party drivers such as WUP-028 provided by Zadig.

    If you have followed the steps in reWASD Wizard, and your controller does not show up still, find a WUP-028 device in [Device manager] and replace its driver with [USB input device] from the list of available drivers.


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      Missed the step for replacing the driver. Thought it rolled back to generic USB input device driver automatically once I uninstalled the one by Zadig. Thanks for the help!


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        Hi there,

        Great! Have a great gaming experience.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!