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quick playstation navigation controller issue

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  • quick playstation navigation controller issue

    Hello all,
    I'm currently running a trial of reWASD but I'm running into an issue where pressing in the left analog highlights "right" on the dpad, pressing O highlights clicking in the analog stick, and X simply does not register at all on my navigation controller in reWASD. If i use xpadder or test the joystick in windows "setup joystick" it works fine. Does anyone have a solution for this? L1,L2, and the dpad all work fine.

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    Hi there,

    So, as I understand buttons are messed up. Does this happen after some config applied? Or you just try to press the controls in the reWASD GUI with no config apply?
    Cable or wireless?

    Any third-party drives that these mappers are used (ScpToolkit, vigem)?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!