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a suggestion and i cant get deflection to work am i stupid?

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  • a suggestion and i cant get deflection to work am i stupid?

    so i am trying to setup this anti recoil combo from:
    and somehow i completely fail at it i did try it like on the pic just for testing purpose but i cant get a result from it

    so here is what i did and there is olso a suggestion

    so what i did was i made a virtual controller...or i assume i did! like so
    Click image for larger version

Name:	5555.jpg
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    i selected my A button made a combo for left click+ right thumbstick up and down

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2222.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	1111.jpg
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    went from gamepad back to mouse setting and applied button A to my left click

    Click image for larger version

Name:	3333.jpg
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    is this suppose to work now? because it does not work for me i am trying the weirdest things but the solution does not come to my mind
    and find it kind of complicated to setup it might be easy when you done it ones but this next pic could make it easier at least made more sense to me if it was like this

    Click image for larger version

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    what i find weird is that i get only get this deflection option when i select a stick in the first place what if you would take the mouse x,y axes logo put it to the right side where the mouse stuf is just like you did to the left with the gamepad stuf and add the deflection option to that so it is directly to the mouse without having to setup all kind of virtual controllers witch for me is a pain in the butt why would you have to be forced to put a virtual gamepad on your mouse instead for example give me the option to make a virtual mouse witch would make more sense
    or just what i said place a button for the axes in the right corner and let all this virtual setup stuf happen in the background so i just have to set the deflection rate's left right up down

    i mean its a nice piece of software and actually very clear i figured everything out i wanted to know very quick and made sense this is just the only thing that does not make sense to me because i have to add a controller button to a mouse.....

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    There are a couple of things that I would like to mention here.

    1. Regarding the 'Virtual controller'.
    If you use reWASD for any purposes for your gamepad, it will be always virtual. As the virtual gamepad is being always created by reWASD. This is how our software works. By clicking the 'Magic Wand' button you just make the quick remap. You can do the same by clicking and remapping each buttons separately.

    2. If you want to make the recoil control combo, you should use the gamepad button which is used for shooting. Usually it is RT for Xbox controllers or R2 for DualShock. Additionally to that you should use the right stick movement opposite to your recoil. So if it goes slightly up, then with some delay to the left, in you combo you should use the Right stick down ('-' value), then pause and then to the right ('+' value).
    But on your screenshots it is not RT, it is mouse, which should not be used as the mouse click will be pressed, not the gamepad shooting button. And on the last screenshot there is just a movement with no RT.

    By the way, you should put the stick movement after the RT is pressed but before RT is released.
    RT Down is press, RT Up is release.
    Or you can use 'Hold until release' mode, of course.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.png Views:	0 Size:	529.3 KB ID:	222958

    You can read more about that in this article.

    According to it you can see that:

    Absolute deflection just sets a stick to a certain position. Once you move your physical stick, the combo will go back to zero, and now your stick will have a higher priority.

    Relative deflection is summed up with all other stick movements you have. So, if you are moving your stick, the relative combo will be added to your movements. For example, this is the only way to create a recoil combo.

    Mouse anti-recoil combo is not yet possible as Key Combo does not support the mouse movement, yet.


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      so when i want to bind this combo to my left mouse click that would mean i cant use my mouse left click anymore for something els except for when i remap a different mouse button to left click or switch the remapper on and off every time is that correct?

      and what is the pause for in the combo?

      for example when i play with mouse and got recoil i just pull the mouse down consistently compared to the recoil no pause involved till i stop shooting

      i am trying this in a older game btw called heroes and generals and if it would not have controller support would this not work? because it does not recognize a RT ?


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        and nice that i cant update my own permnission

        different question maybe that is the problem in my understanding at the first place do i need a real gamepad for this to work?

        and when i look in the list to the left i don't have a RT button to select except when i press record and press the RT on my actual gamepad why does RT not show up as default as the other buttons?


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          Hi there,

          1. You may use this use case using the controller only as it fixes stick deflection. So, you need to use the real controller or set up the keyboard and mouse in a group and use it as the controller in a game.

          2. Here is how you may use keybpard&mouse as the controller (video).
          Don't worry! Be Happy!


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            thanks for the help but i give up

            its to complicated and i am pretty sure more complicated than it has to be. and with just throwing terms around and sharing links or videos does not help because i dont know what i am doing wrong

            its like not understanding math and the teacher throws a book at you instead of explaining it in his words or put a example on the board

            Click image for larger version

Name:	grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg
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            wel what i get out of it i have to put the combo on a button wel i do that on my left mouse click but that doesnt work so what now...

            i cant find a article eather where someone explains it like for example i do with my problem. with some text and some pictures step by step when i will ever find out thats the first thing i gonna do for sure

            anyways im done with it il look into it again in a few years maybe it has been made easier by then


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              I'm trying to say that if you play a game via keyboard and mouse, you can't compensate for the recoil using this combo as it uses only for the controller. reWASD can't do what do you try to do - compensate recoil of mouse input.

              So, there is 2 option:

              1. Use the controller to play, then you set this combo to trigger which is the shoot button.
              2. Remap your mouse&keboard to the controller. In this case, the mouse is used as the right stick, left, right mouse buttons are used as the shoot and ain respectively. So, you may add the recoil combo to a left mouse click. In the game, the mouse acts as the right stick, mouse buttons as a trigger.
              Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                aah i understand! thanks 1 more question i do have for example i play gta5 when i ride o na bike when i want to make wheelie (ride on 1 wheel) i have to pull my stick back hold it back and if you want to turn you stil have to hold it back for example i want to bind stick down to a button it does not work is that because A is not a stick and can not do a stick funktion?

                Click image for larger version

Name:	stickdown.jpg
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	stickdown2.jpg
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                when i add numbers or so to the pedals it does work but not stick function its left stick and i tool left stick down and up i tried but it does not work


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                  i cant believe that i am really that stupid i am trying something els i want that when i shift it taps clutch before shifting
                  so what i did was bind upshift to my gamepad B and bind clutch to --> right pad (no idea what it is called) so both options are now binded to my gamepad right all i did was change the original buttons to gamepad buttons i mean everything works till i try to make a combo from it the buttons i am pressing are white highlighted in this case button 2 and 34.
                  and since its recommended to make a combo from a recording i did but did olso try a lot of different things

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	fak1.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	fak2.jpg
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                  on the next 2 pictures you see the button i binded it to and the code i used for it what you can not see is that my controller everytime i try to make a combination completely failing to work not just the button but the gamepad stops working on the 3e picture i did remove the combo again and everything works again just the combo does not

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	fak3.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	fak5.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Hi there,

                    Wow, too many pics

                    1. You may set the stick down to paddle or A control. It would work but not as analog —
                    2. About the combo. This is not the GTA 5 game, as I understood. You try to remap your controller to keyboard (S to B, mouse left click to D-pad). In case the game detects the keyboard buttons, use them in a combo as well. Why do you make combo with controls if they are remapped to keyboard?
                    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                      every post is like where i try something in a game and it does not work so there are like 3 different scenarios don't mix them

                      the thing is even if i read everything and try to understand everything i am clearly not understand it and i have no idea why what i try to do in the

                      2e scenario witch is not gta5 but a different game called life for speed a racing game and i want to make a quick shifter so when i press the shift up button it should release the throttle press the clutch and shift in one go

                      witch means i just hold RT down for acceleration then i push B to shift up witch means RT needs to be released or set to 0 if i understand it right? the right key has to be pressed for the clutch and B for the shifting in one go

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	4444444444444444444444444.jpg
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                      if this is wrong could i get a picture with the right combo that should work so i can try it and see if it does really work and i am just stupid

                      and what i don't really understand about this software is how it works in the since of buttons do i have to convert keyboard buttons to a gamepad button or do i have to convert a gamepad button to a keyboard button or can i mix it up


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                        So if I got it right, you need to:
                        1) release or force [RT] to zero;
                        2) hold [D-Pad Right];
                        3) and push [B] while [D-Pad Right] is held down.

                        Physical analog controls have priority over values set in [Combo], so having [RT=0] at the start is meaningless if you're holding [RT] on your controller at that moment. For the same reason (1) is currently impossible in reWASD.
                        For (2) and (3) to work correctly release of [D-Pad Right] should be at the end, or after the [B] is released.
                        You can also remove all pauses and set [Delay between keys] to 70 for the same effect.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2020-12-29_220925.png
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ID:	223204

                        As for what to map to: it depends on the game and what controller you're going to play with (keyboard & mouse or a gamepad). If you're playing with gamepad and want to keep accuracy of a stick - map everything to gamepad buttons.