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  • Slots? Desktop/Gamepad etc


    I just got rewasd andI'm hitting a wall and dont fully understand how to use slots properly.
    I want general desktop config,keyboard and mouse in slot 1
    gamepad in slot 2
    and so on.

    But I cant really understand how to? I made a desktop config in slot 1, in the slider I then selected slot 2 and made the whole thing gamepad and pressed apply.
    When I then go into slot 1 because stuff werent working I noticed slot 1 was also a gamepad now, how do I make specific changes per slot?

    Am I just dumb or am I going about this the wrong way and missunderstand what slots are meant for?

    Please any help on the matter would be lovely as I just spend a good 45 minutes setting things up.

    Best regards, -D

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    Hi there!

    Slots is a feature that permits you to apply up to 4 configs simultaneously for one device (or group of devices) and switch between them with a customizable shortcut that includes 3 unique buttons.

    In other words: if you wish to be able to change configs on the fly with a 2-or-more-keys-or-buttons shortcut - slots are there to help. For different devices in the same group we have [Sub-configs] (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2020-12-21_225220.png
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    [Slot] selector for current config is at the left. [Sub-configs] are in the middle. Different configs should be used for different slots.