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Stick Deflection Order of Operations

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  • Stick Deflection Order of Operations

    I want to make sure I have this right (easy numbers to make the discussion straightforward)...

    - Suppose I set up a custom response curve for a stick with center dead zone ending at 50% of the full range (16,384) and linear thereafter up to 32,768.
    - Then suppose I've set the virtual controller deflection to 3,276, 10% of the full range.

    If I deflect the physical stick exactly 75%...
    - The physical stick will send 24,576 to reWASD.
    - The reWASD response curve will send 16,384 to the virtual controller ( 2 *24,576 - 32,768 )
    - The virtual controller will send 14,564 to the game (1.11*16,384 - 3,641 )

    Is this correct, or does the virtual controller simply ignore anything below 3,277 and send anything above that directly to the game without modification (clipping vs scaling)?


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    Virtual controller deflection doesn't influence the stick-to-stick mappings. This setting is used only if the physical device is a mouse or you have some mappings added to the digital button.

    In case of sticks, you set the response curve and it will work for the virtual controller just like it is adjusted and shown. You can set the deadzone too, you just need to put the first point to X axis, just like I have added it here:

    Click image for larger version

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      Ah, ok, that's easier!

      To eliminate a game's internal deadzone (assuming no in-game setting), then, I would simply do this?

      Click image for larger version

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        Yes. You can also get the same result with this (available at [Advanced] settings of a stick):

        Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2020-12-22_231805.png Views:	0 Size:	12.5 KB ID:	223055

        Gray area would be the deadzone. Make sure the [Affect gamepad behavior for games] flag is enabled.