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rewasd on client, games on host - profile switching?

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  • rewasd on client, games on host - profile switching?

    Im remote connecting to my gaming pc, the client has the rewasd application since there's no way to use bluetooth to the host.
    I'm very limited when there's only 4 slot option, I can't use autodetect to switch profiles since there's only one .exe rewasd will see on the client.

    Is there plans to add more than 4 slots soon? or a way like slots to change between profiles? There's just abit of a nuance to shutdown the remote connection, switch profiles, connect again then start a game.

    I've previously used steam overlay and with that I had the option to bind 20+ games to one profile, however the overlay borked on the host machine with a new update so I'm here using rewasd instead,
    I like the application so far but I don't understand why its so limited in terms of switching profiles or only 4 slots.
    I can't be the only one wanting to add every game to a single profile and use it as one profile for all.

    Is there another way I haven't seen yet? Even using a emulator "one .exe" with say a library of over 100 games, if one wanted more than 4 different controller layouts then you're stuck and for my purpose shift isn't a thing at all.

    Any light on this matter?
    Best regards,

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    Pretty interesting suggestion, frankly speaking, for most our users, 4 Slots are enough.

    It is possible to add more slots, we will certainly keep your idea in mind.


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      Thank you for your reply,
      How do I add more slots?

      Best regards


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        We should add them, not you

        At the moment, reWASD is limited to 4 Slots, but we can implement more in the upcoming releases.


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          that's unfortunate for me at this given moment, haha.
          Good news you're adding more, it would help out greatly for me and I can see many different situations that it would be very helpful.

          I hope its sooner than later, thank you for your replies.
          Keep up the good work,

          Best regards,