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Quick couple of questions wrt mapping

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  • Quick couple of questions wrt mapping

    Hello all, this mapping program is great. I feel slightly embarassed but can you tell me how to do 2 very simple things for mapping, i literally cannot move onto the advanced side of it until i have this down pat. Your assistance would be appreciated.
    1. How do you map keyboard Control Key and lets say key "A" to a gamepad push of A button, so thats keyboard press Ctrl A to representing a gamepad A button.
    2. How do you map Control ley (Lctrl) on the keyboard to left bumper on gamepad to function with all other buttons on the gamepad which are mapped to their own keys too. So in effect ctrk acts like it should on the keyboard so it can map and work in software which uses say ctrl A, ctrl C, ctrl Z for different things on top of the regular A C Z keys. (I thought i could utilise what REWASD calls shift function and make use of what is deemed shift mode but it states you have to return to original mapping to go to another and it confused me. To met that would be equivalent to releasing the bumper button if shift mode was set to left bumper so i just dont know (perhaps it was referring just to toggled aspect) , thought id come here and ask about my 2 questions instead. I have tried mapping it but the reactions were not consistant. I tried ctrl for left bumper and shift for right bumper and 1,2,3,4 on the up down left right aspects of thumbpad so effectively trying to get ctr1 1, ctrl 2,ctrl 3, ctrl 4 . shift 1, shift 2, shift 3, shift 4 aswell as 1, 2 , 3, 4 without any shoulder presses but it didnt work. i thought it may have been the long press (2nd option as opposed to the start press default) 1st option for shoulder buttons being set to but results were inconsistent.
    This would be the perfect software program for me if i could just understand how to do these 2 aspects of it. [Seperately, I honestly tried understanding the purpose for the 2 press activation, 3 press activation if without shift mode(which it doesnt utilise theres only one key there so why do it but i cant get past whats allready stymying me(it may be simple to understand why if just looking at that) and ive fallen at the first hurdle as ive got a headache trying to utilising gamepad mapping something which allready has a lot of keys keybound with keyboard which im trying to put across. (im literally about to see if i can wipe their ctrl c ctrl z etc keybindings and replace them in that program A to Z AND 1-0, to make it simpler mapping to gamepad, theyve given me quite a headache here.)
    Thanks guys, err please assume me a thicko and describe actual process of doing instead of leaving it airy fairy if they both are doable, if you could and can say how to do. (i am assming its not the macro aspect with rewasd -keyboards dont use macros for ctrl a, unless its a yes they do but they are a very simple one under the bonnet. If it is pleas say and how but that referrred to delays and i mean the same time as in Ctrl button and A button .

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    First of all, if you have a physical keyboard and want it to emulate the controller buttons, you need to add all those mappings to the Keyboard section, like here:

    Click image for larger version

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    It is better to add "Unmap" too, it will block the native keyboard input.

    In your case, if you want Ctrl to be a kind of Modifier, just like it works on the normal keyboard, you do need to use Shift mode. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to Shift 1
    2. Switch to the Keyboard sub-config
    3. Set Ctrl as a modifier
    4. Choose the keyboard key you want to press physically
    5. Add the controller button you want to emulate with Ctrl+2 in reWASD mapping section

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20cc0a0bc3.png
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    On my screenshot above, Ctrl+2 will work as A button.

    Please let me know if I have understood your case correctly