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PC Requires restart if my gamepad disconnects for it to work again.

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  • PC Requires restart if my gamepad disconnects for it to work again.

    Having an ongoing issue, When playing final fantasy 11/14, When My controller disconnects via auto disconnect during idle or if wire gets nudged when in wired mode which creates a quick disconnect reconnect sound via usb, I can no longer get the controller to work in game unless I turn remap off but turning remap back on doesn't fix the issue for me to turn remap back on and get it to work I need to restart my pc.
    Restarting the game does nothing to fix this.

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    Hi there!

    What gamepad are you using?
    Does the game allow you to choose which controller to use?
    What does the [joy.cpl] (type that in start menu and press enter) show when Remap is On and Off before and after the disconnect?
    Do you have reWASD virtual controller selected as preferred device at [joy.cpl > Advanced]?
    Do you have option [Hide physical controller when virtual one is created] enabled at [Preferences > Gamepads] in reWASD?


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      Im using Xbox Elite V2 Controller,
      Game doesn't have an option of which controller to use just autodetects.
      Joy.cpl shows the following while Remap is on and off message is the same.
      Controller | status
      Controller (Xbox 360 for Windows) | OK

      Joy.CPL -> Advanced preferred device: Controller (Xbox 360 for Windows)

      [Hide physical controller when virtual one is created] Is currently Enabled


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        Actually FFXIV Does have a select controller option but only shows Controller (Xbox 360 for Windows)


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          This problem seems to be resolved via updating to latest reWASD 5.6.1 was currently on 5.4 or something along those lines and my Elite V2 was always being detected as Xbox 360 for windows now its detected as Xbox One before applying Remap then it changes to 360 for windows


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            Hi there,

            reWASD allows emulating the Xbox One virtual controller starting from ver. 5.5.0, where you may choose what controller is going to be emulated, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

            Glad that the issue was resolved. Have a great gaming experience.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!