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Elite Dangerous: adding mouse bindings to 360 causes control failure

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  • Elite Dangerous: adding mouse bindings to 360 causes control failure

    Since ED is a 6 axis game, I was hoping to be able to use the mouse bindings to get "analog" input from the 360 triggers. When I set this up, I can easily get the controller to move the mouse around. So that much is working. But in-game, I get no response from anything set to a 360 input. Only the virtual mouse controls do anything. So...

    Disabling reWASD: Fine (I just can't set up as I'd like)
    Active reWASD remap, but only set to use default 360 bindings: Same
    Active remap with a mouse binding: no response from 360 bindings.
    Active remap with a keyboard binding: no response from 360 bindings.

    I can switch between any of these in-game.

    I do have "Hide Physical Controller" enabled for the above. If I disable that, then ED uses only the default controller inputs in addition to my mouse bindings. This means, eg, that an R-stick set to mouse movements will simultaneously do whatever ED has bound to that stick, and ignore any non-default assignment for, say, R-stick-up.

    I'm guessing a conflict of some kind between the physical and virtual controllers. But I can't figure out how to get ED to use the virtual instead of the physical. And I can't seem to get reWASD to work otherwise.

    Thanks for any useful help

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    Why do you need to use virtual controller together with keyboard&mouse mappings?

    I would suggest you to remove all virtual controller mappings and remap all other controls to the corresponding mouse&keyboard actions and add "Unmap All". In this case the game sees only keyboard and mouse input without controller ones.
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      Thanks for replying. Sorry if I was unclear.

      I was referring to the "Virtual Xbox 360 for reWASD" that is created when the remap is active. I haven't used any virtual controller settings in reWASD.

      I also want to keep most of the controller's mapping so I still have distinct analogue control from the thumbsticks. But since Elite doesn't properly use the analogue controller triggers, I need to remap those to something with non-binary input that the game will recognize. The only remaining option for that is the mouse. So I'm not trying to get a mouse+keyb map. I need a mouse+controller map.

      Basically, I need at least 5 variable/analogue axes. From the controller, Elite only properly reads the thumbsticks as variable, so that's 4. To get 2 more, I'd need to emulate mouse movement on the triggers (or, ideally, on a thumbstick, with one of the thumbstick axes moved to the triggers). This is the simplest attempt at what I need:

      Click image for larger version

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        1. According to the screenshot, triggers are remapped to sticks which are virtual controller mappings. But since you've disabled “Hide virtual controller...” option in preferences, there are 2 controllers now in the system, virtual and physical, so the game detects all devices at the same time. Maybe this is a culprit. I would suggest keeping this option enabled.

        2. Try to set the config like this — So, you get: triggers works as stick axis, stick Y axis as a mouse, X axis as stick. Don't forget to unmap the right stick.
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          Sadly that didn't work. Same problem as before. Everything is as in your image (X360 though). "Hide virtual" makes the same difference I described originally. Currently, I'm keeping it "off".


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            Hi there,

            Did you unmap the right stick as it's shown on the screenshot? What doesn't work in the game with unmapped stick the mouse movements or the stick? As the stick is unmapped the game should see only mouse (stick up\down) or controller (stick left\right).
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              You can simply chose to not use the virtual controller. You have to create a new config.


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                Stick is unmapped, yes. In-game, the only input that works is that [r-thumb up/down] is read by the game as [mouse up/down]. ie I can move the mouse cursor up and down with the thumbstick, but nothing else at all.

                Thanks for the input! I'll look into that next for sure.


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                  Treefingers Seems that the game see only specific inputs set in the settings. The mouse up\down works (stick up\down) because the mouse and keyboard is selected on game control option. If default context is selected, you may use controller buildings and somehow a keyboard. No mouse inputs at all.

                  Therefore, I'm sure if the game let you use a mouse and the controller bindings simultaneously. I didn't find it, at least.
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