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Shift Modifier + Shift Modifer + button = single map

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  • Shift Modifier + Shift Modifer + button = single map

    Is it possible to make a shift modifier work only when another shift modifier is being held down? E.g. if shift modifier 1 is being pressed to enable access to a second layer configuration, then pressing shift modifier 2 enables access to a third layer configuration? Consequently, if shift modifier 2 is pressed without shift modifier 1 being held down, then nothing would happens.

    Failing that is there a way to map a single key press to combo of two gamepad buttons together? I understand that that the "Combo" license will map any number of key presses and releases and combos to a single gamepad button, but as far as I know it doesn't do it the other way around, e.g. mapping to a combination of gamepad presses, correct?

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    Do you mean [Shortcuts]? They are separate for each [Shift] and can work the way you've described. You can set a shift modifier, then add shortcuts of a "second shift modifier" + the button(s) you want to map, and remap that shortcut to whatever you want. Though shortcuts do have some limitations: like the [Shortcut press time] that will add a delay for buttons in a shortcut to trigger on their own.


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      I don't think that you can do that.