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Rapid fire + anti recoil

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  • Rapid fire + anti recoil

    Hi everybody, I'm searching about how to configur rapid firing with anti recoil together.

    I want to rapid fire with a single shot weapon AND make easier the recoil control by making a macro with the right stick pulling down a bit when I fire.

    Othe question, Can I configur something like "when I just press R2 trigger no recoil control and activate recoil control only when I aim (L2) + fire (R2) ?

    I don't wanna to have a recoil control when I'm just aiming without firing and I don't wanna have recoil control when I'm firing without aiming.

    Thank you
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    You can set a [Shift] with [L2] as a shift modifier and map [R2] to a combo of ([R2 down] [Right stick down] [Pause] [R2 up]). Stick-down value should be enough to compensate the recoil, and Pause is for how long that stick should be deflected at that angle. If you need auto-fire there, setting a [Turbo] flag with 10ms should do, but you'd have to adjust stick-down and pause so it would be long enough for gun to shot every time.


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      Ok so if I understand correctly, L2 I'll be a shift modifier without toggle option, like that when I'm holding L2 that modify the shift for R2 making the combo and then I release L2 I'm back to the original shift with, for exemple, just turbo with R2 without combo with stick 🤔 ok ok perfect.

      The deflection of the stick will not be buggy with the turbo mod ? I mean, that will don't causes something like multiple stick down pressing instead of holding stick down ?

      Thank you mate for your help 😊


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        It won't. Just set that deflection to [Relative] (delta sign instead of a crossahir) and agree when asked "Should we return stick at the default position at the end?". If not asked, just add another relative deflection node of same stick with mirrored value to return it to zero.


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          Ok nice I'll try this and if I have any issues I'll coming back for you 😆.

          Thank you very much 💗


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            Ok it's seems to work BUT sometimes the deflection stay and my sight go down alone...

            I've trying both enable the reset option of the deflection and add a relative mirror deflection but it's work randomly. What can I do for that ?


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              Hi there,

              Please send the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles. Need the correspondent *.rewasd file.
              Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                Thanks I'll do that asap


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                  Hello Dioud !

                  We have released reWASD 5.6.2 with a few improvements regarding the stick deflections in Combos. Please check your config with this version, I hope the stick won't get stuck anymore.