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  • Twitch control via Lioranboard

    I'm trying to setup custom channel points on my Twitch channel, where a viewer can spend channel points to remap my controller.
    I have tried this in every single way possible. I use Lioranboard twitch integration which works fine.
    First, I set up the different mappings (I've tried this both as shift controls and in different slots) and the shortcuts needed to changing the mapping. (One example was setting F11 to be the shift control, the other was setting Shift+F1 to be a slot shortcut). This has worked fine every step of the way.
    I then used Lioranboard to setup a keyboard macro when someone redeems a certain channel point reward on my channel. For example, using F11 as a shift controller, when F11 is set o be triggered by Lioranboard, on channel point redeem, OBS went into full screen mode. This also worked.
    However, no matter what I do Lioranboard can't trigger the changes in ReWASD.

    I've grouped my controller with both keyboard and mouse, trying MANY different hotkeys in attempts to trigger this and it hasn't worked.

    I've tried this running ReWASD and Lioranboard in and out of admin mode

    I would really love to set this up for my viewers, can anyone please explain why it doesn't work?

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    I think that the Lioranboard sends virtual key presses, while reWASD is waiting for the actual press from the physical keyboard. But, you may try to remap the keyboard as you need using reWASD only. You can remap your keyboard adding shortcuts, macros, etc.

    Have you tried it?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thanks for the reply! But I'm not quite sure I understand 🤔
      If I remap keys on my keyboard through ReWASD, will they then register as virtual key presses?

      If this works, you're my hero. I spent a good 8 hours on this yesterday 🥲


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        I meant, that reWASD works with physical devices directly, it doesn't detect something virtual from a third-party app (like, you create a shortcut and assigned created button ID via Lioranboard, the reWASD won't detect this shortcut, only physical buttons press).
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          Ah ok. As I suspected
          I've been searching for a way to make windows virtual keyboard be recognised as hardware, so I could add it to ReWASD, but I can't find anything


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            Hi there,

            I don't even know if this is possible. Hope, reWASD will fit you in different workflow.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!