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  • Gamepad set to KBM question

    I'm pretty sure the way I'm using rewasd is not something most of us using the program do,
    I'm using rewasd to get gyro support for my controllers while using a game streaming program, like Parsec or Moonlight - actually I use both so for the 4 limited slots I use a config on the client.
    1) Desktop 2) Gamepad 3) Gamepad + Mouse gyro 4) KBM config <- this is where I get issues, more on that later.

    Once connected to my host using either Parsec or Moonlight, I have another rewasd installation with a license, for both my client and host mind you.
    Each and every game on my host has its own config and gets applied automatically with the nice feature of associated app (Auto detect) - I love this, amazing job!

    Then I just have to use my gamepad combination to switch to the desired config on client, gamepad, gamepad with mouse gyro or keyboard mouse (If more slots was a possibility I wouldnt have this problem) but I guess, most of the users dont have this problem to begin with because they probably dont hide their gaming pc in the garage due to noise levels

    On to the problem, when I set the gamepad and unmap all the controller even with a config applied on host doesn't get an output at all, its like the controller doesnt exist anymore.
    Fine, I thought so I made a new KBM config, this time with Left,right mouse click on the triggers - this worked suprisingly well but only for games that support mixed input - much like the gamepad + mouse gyro, but thats not exactly what I want for this config, I need a config thats KBM fully. So I added a "." to every mappable key and applied the right kbm config on the host but this instead output both the client binding "." and the host binding in this example "E", opening up a wordpad on the host it would type out ".E"

    Since unmap didnt work and the . did work but it sent two outputs. Is there a way to have like a empty binding?

    Is anything of this making any sense to you? Haha, yes I know. This is an odd way of using rewasd but since neither parsec nor moonlight support gyro - this is the only way I can think of.

    Thank you in advance!
    PS. I would absolutely love more slots, they are awesome and I would really like alot more, if its possible that is. Slots and auto detect, wow. amazing!

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    Sorry, but some details are appreciated to be on the same page. So:

    - What are host and client, and where do you play on? Are they virtual machines?

    - Where all devices connected to, and where do you remap devices, host, client?

    Now, on to unmap problem:

    - Please, check if the advanced mapping feature is active. This feature is required to unmap devices.

    - Is this option (3) checked (screenshot)?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Sorry for the confusion.
      My client is windows 10 laptop in my living room (Not able to game anything) its just used to connect to my host via Parsec or Moonlight which is my windows 10 gaming machine located in my garage.

      My controllers are connected via bluetooth to my client, living room laptop. On my laptop I only keep base configurations a desktop config for everyday webbrowsing,movie watching when not connected to my gaming pc (host), a virtual ds4 gamepad config, a virtual ds4 gamepad config with added gyro mouse and lastly the keyboard and mouse config (which I'm having troubles with)

      on my gaming machine (host) I keep all the actual per game configs.

      So when the game itself works with mixed input I just use the shortcut to activate slot 3 (which is gamepad+gyro mouse on my laptop), if game doesnt work with mixed input, I activate the shortcut for slot 2.
      When the game doesnt accept mixed input I need to activate the keyboard and mouse config on my laptop which only has gyro mouse, but the my gaming machine still see this config as a gamepad so when I use tilt the controller, moving around doesnt work. If I unmap any of the buttons on the laptop (keyboard and mouse config) the gaming machine see the controller in rewasd but there's no output - no bindings get through.

      Is this abit more clear? I can attach photos if needed.
      (Unmap problem)
      Yes they're turned on and shown as the photo you added.

      Thank you!


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        Hey there!

        Sorry if I could not understand you correctly, but I am not sure why you are trying to use the keyboard and mouse config in your case? If the game supports gamepad and doesn't support mixed input, it is better to "show" it the gamepad only. In your config with a virtual gamepad only on the laptop, you can remap Gyro to Stick, and then the games on your gaming machine will see the stick moves when you use Gyro. Right stick (for the camera) seems to be the best option here.


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          I'm terrible sorry, english is not my native language and I guess without screenshots none of this makes any sense because my use case is wierd, and the reason why I don't use gamepad only is because I couldn't get gyro to stick work well enough, its quite horrible to be honest in comparisson to mouse - far too many settings to get it anywhere close to feel good and it differs from game to game.

          Now, by chance I actually found out how to get this to work properly and I've ditched the whole keyboard mouse config on my laptop as it wasn't needed at all. The fix was actually very easy
          All I did was apply a gamepad + mouse gyro on the laptop and once connected to my gaming pc through parsec or moonlight was to unmap all buttons there and then add keyboard bindings to the buttons.
          I've only tried unmapping on my laptop and not on my gaming pc.

          Gyro works, and game doesn't switch between gamepad and mouse.
          Sorry for all the confusion and I'm sorry for have taken your time but I really appreciate you replying to this and trying to work this out with me. Much appreciated!
          I didn't think I could love your application more but now it does exactly everything I want so for me, its even better than before and while I would like more than 4 slots, its actually not really needed now but I would love to be able to have more anyway

          Thank you again, you're awesome!


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            Hi there,

            Glad, that you made it.

            Have a great gaming experience.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!