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combo keys change according to direction

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  • combo keys change according to direction

    hello. i'm totally new to this program..

    i was looking for the function in the program that would allow a combo key setting to reverse depending on which way you are facing in the game. for example, you have a Dn,Rgt,Dn,Rgt, X. i wanted this input to automatically switch to Dn.Lft.Dn,Lft, X when facing the other way in a fighting game or a beat'em up. is there a function that would allow you to do this in the this program.

    hopefully i've made this clear.

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    reWASD is a remapper, it doesn't know anything about your game and can't change bindings automatically if you turn your character. However, you can do this using one more button — Shift.

    So, in your Main configuration (Shift 0) you need to create a combo you wish. Then, you need to add a Shift modifier and map the second combo inside this Shift. When you go right, you can just press the combo's activator. When you go left, you will need to press and hold Shift modifier, and then your combo will be reverted. I understand that this is not exactly what you are asking for, but I hope it may work for you.