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How to stop a combo?

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  • Star-Lord

    You can stop all the macros from reproducing if you press View/Back/Share/Minus + Menu/Start/Options/Plus + LB/L1/L + RB/R1/R depending on your controller. Make sure that the required option is set in the software preferences (screenshot).

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  • boher
    started a topic How to stop a combo?

    How to stop a combo?


    I've been using the combo function regularly to practice and such in fighting and action games, getting my timings right etc., only problem is since the combo tool doesn't always input the combo same every time, like if I do a 500 delay an attack then 600 delay, half the time it'll do it correct the other half will be completely off, never have found a solution no matter what game I try.
    However, since the combos can get quite long, can go from 30 seconds up to a minute, when the combo doesn't output correctly with the first few inputs, I'm having to wait for it to finish before I can press the button again and try again.

    Is there an option to stop the combo while it's doing it, a hotkey or something, can't seem to find the option, there is a 'Stop Combo' checkbox in the settings but I can't get that to work, says press view + menu, no idea what the view or menu buttons are, none of my pads have that and I've tried pressing the start/share on the PS4 pad but that doesn't work.
    Just wanted some help on stopping a combo midway with a hotkey.