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doknnp1.dll Error

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  • doknnp1.dll Error


    When I try to select an exe to launch a profile I got doknnp1.dll Error. Its says something like it's not made to work on windows.
    If it can help:

    Click image for larger version

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    If have another question. I used a lot of software like this in the past and I can't find a way to lauch a profile in command line or with a shortcut, I only use rewasd because it's the only one who manage the share button but It really annoy me to not be able to scrip anything. Did I miss something ?

    Thanks for your help

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    1. The doknnp1.dll is known as Dokan Network Provider belongs to software Dokan Library by Dokan Project. Do you have this software installed on your PC?
    What exe file(s) do you try to add? Some launcher exe file, other ones belongs to the game or launcher?

    2. reWASD doesn't support the command line. But, you may use the autodetect feature to apply the config automatically (link).
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thank you for your answer. If fact I made some test this moring and the message appear before I select an exe. For instance when I try to browse clicking on the 3 dots in boxart, I have the same message. I have dokan library installed for other software, will try to unistall it to see but rewasd is the only software that make problem with it. I'll inverstigate too


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        I've uninstalled dokan library to see and it seem to work now but I have to choose between rewasd and other software and it's very annoying. I think this make rewasd unuasable for me. The workaround is the comand line stuff, but since you don't implemented it, i'm stuck plus i don't see why rewasd is conflicting.


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          Hi there,

          What do you mean to choose between? Like between reWASD and other remap utility to use or sort of pop-up where you need to select the required application? What the other software?
          Don't worry! Be Happy!