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Xbox controller Remap Controller 2 buttons to one key press

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  • Xbox controller Remap Controller 2 buttons to one key press

    Hi I am trying to remap my controller so that I press the shoulder button to acces q and e remapped to the right stick. I only want it to activate when i press the shoulder button first to activate the Q=roll left E= roll right. any clue how I do this
    Thanks in advance

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    I am sorry, I need a bit more details to help you.

    So, you want to press the bumper once to get Q, and then press it again to get E? In this case, you need combo with breaks.

    If you want the bumper to work as Q and E simultaneously, then it should be a Hold until release combo.

    Or maybe you need it to work together with a stick?

    Please give me a bit more details


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      Its ok I sorted it thanks.
      But I have another problem for some reason the REwasd website wont accept my email address and says that is incorrect. I must have tried 10 times but same error. I had to reinstall the
      program cause it bugged out. I paid for it! and now can't get my serial number. Any suggestions.


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        Hey there! I assume you are trying to log in to the community, but the serial key is stored in another place — your personal account in our store. Please try this link.