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  • Dualshock 4 Touch Pad Inputs


    I was wondering is there a way to be able to select each point of the touchpad, I know I can select 4 different sections, but was playing TLOU2 recently with remote play and when using the guitar there are 6 points on the touchpad that can be pressed, currently was only able to individually press 3 of those strings using the rewasd remap.
    Like would it be possible with the swipe up which covers the full 6 points, have it stop at the first so I can just press the bottom point, or the top, or top middle etc.

    It's not a big deal really, just something I thought while playing the game.

    Also, really appreciate the work you guys do with the software and the constant updates, rewasd is probably the best software I've ever brought on PC that I can think of, I absolutely love the program and pretty much can't play games on PC without it now.


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    Hello there!

    We appreciate such a warm feedback about our software.

    Still, we have a lot of things to do. Of course, your suggestion is taken, we try to implement more and more features with each update.

    As for now, there are such mappings as left, up, down, right swaps and left, center and right side of the touchpad taps. Also, the touchpad click is available for using as mapping.
    You can also feel free to combine some simultaneous actions via the Key Combo.

    You can take this as a promise that the touchpad mappings will be improved, just we cannot provide you with exact features and the ETA.
    Thus, for now, stay tuned for the future updates.