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Anyway To Remove Controller Vibration?

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  • Anyway To Remove Controller Vibration?

    I suppose this probably gets asked alot, but anyway to turn off vibration in the settings? i have CTS, and its pretty much the only deal breaker for me, other then that this works perfectly, i just cant play certain games because not everygame i own has an ingame disable button. using a PS4 Controller. Any Help? Or Advice?

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    reWASD allows you to add additional rumble, but we do nothing with the one that comes from a game.

    Unfortunately, reWASD can't help you with this case
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Ah thats a shame, is there any plans to bring that feature? a lot of other remappers have it (some not even as good as yours). I hope so as id like to make the most out of the license i paid for.

      For now I will have to use something else as having rumble is a issue for me, thank you for answering my questions.


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        We do have it planned, but not for the next update.


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          Hey. Just wanted to say I support this feature request a lot. I play Genshin Impact using mouse and keyboard while my Xbox 360 controller for PC stays connected and it vibrates during the gameplay from time to time (e.g. when I hit an exploding barrel). As a result it makes a lot of noise (because it's on the desk and not in my hands) and can sometimes fall off the desk. I tried to turn the vibrations off in the game but it is possible only when I switch the controls to the gamepad. I hoped I can find an option to disable the controller vibrations whatsoever in reWASD. I would like to avoid disconnecting the controller from the PC just for the time I play Genshin Impact because sometimes when I reconnect it, it is no longer the "1st" controller and I have to reboot the system


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            No worries, your suggestion is taken into account and we will do our best to add it to one of the next versions. Stay tuned!


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              Hey there! We have released reWASD 5.8 that is able to decrease, mute or redirect the in-game vibration. You are welcome to check the how-to guide, test the new version and send us your feedback