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Default Profile when No Listed Applications Detected?

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  • Default Profile when No Listed Applications Detected?


    Is there a way to make it so that reWASD will default to a specific profile when no other profiles match the current application?

    Thank you

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    Using the autodetect feature, you can apply each config to some particular app in focus.
    You can assign one for chrome, explorer.exe, etc for the desktop mode, another config for the game. So once you alt-tab your config is changed as well.

    Please check this article.


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      Hey, thanks for your reply, but I'd think my post makes it clear that I know how to configure apps in autodetect. The issue is I will often be using a unique one time app that isn't configured (and won't be).

      I understand this is not possible at the moment. I would like to ask the devs to consider allowing us to select a default "fallback" profile that doesn't depend on autodetect.


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        By adding exporer, searchUI and other system apps to the default config, you can emulate the global profile, but yes, it is not possible to do as is in reWASD.
        We are planning to make it so in one of the next versions, but I am not sure if this feature appears soon.