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Key Combo Saving / Updating Issue

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  • Key Combo Saving / Updating Issue

    I've been using the Key Combo feature on an XBOX ELITE 2 controller. For the most part it works fine, however, it seems that sending changes (APPLY) does not work more than 1 out of 10 or 20 times as the key combo gets longer. I go in to adjust a minor tweak (reducing or increasing delay, adding a new input) and most of the time APPLY does not properly apply it to the key combo that is represented in game. I can tell because I have button display on in the game I'm attempting to use it. I add an errant button at the end to see if it registers and plays once APPLIED. Most of the time it does not. I have to seek APPLYING and trying again over and over. Sometimes it takes up to 20 applications to even see the change properly appear in the playback of the Key Combo.

    So far, I love the product (I'm on TRIAL version) but if it constantly takes 10-20 tries to make a single update, it's not the program for me. I'm hoping this is a bug or something that can be fixed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, what's the particular combo? How is it supposed to work? And have you tested the combo in the tester?


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      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      Perhaps it's user-error. The pad works fine. However, something I noticed while debugging was that in order to refresh the key combo to properly play, I have to DISABLE and ENABLE the REMAP every time. So, basically I make a change, click APPLY, andf then click "REMAP IS ON" (to disable it), then click "REMAP IS OFF" (to re-enable it). Once I've cycled, the key combo plays exactly as written with all of my minor tweaks.

      I'm wondering if APPLY is meant to refresh the key combo as well, or was it truly user-error before and I'm meant to unmap/remap every time?

      As for the key combo, it's a long sequence 30-40 delays of different times. As mentioned, I can get it to work with the above method, but simply clicking APPLY and then trying it will not always update it.


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        The "apply" button is responsible for saving and applying changes to the config. Perhaps the problem is in autodetect (it can apply your config when another application is launched). Also, if the combo is applied to a virtual gamepad, the game may not immediately see it. We also recommend to clear data and try again.


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          Clear data? As in "CLEAN"? (delete the key combo?)

          I can't do that, as the key combo itself takes 30-45 minutes to program and test each step of the way. It's easier just to toggle REMAP OFF/ON for a solution. I was just wondering if that was intended or I wasn't getting the full functionality.


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            Your configs and key combinations will be safe (ofc if you saved your config ). This may fix the problem.
            1. Go to Preferences (a gear icon at the bottom right), General tab
            2. Click Clear data button and confirm your action
            3. Wait until the GUI and tray agent appear
            4. Initialize your devices from scratch and try again.


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              I'll give it a try!