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"Toggle Remap on" shortkey.

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  • "Toggle Remap on" shortkey.

    I just changed the shortcut to toggle remap off for a single key so i can get my mouse back quickly while in game to select stuff that requires a mouse, but is there a way to turn Remap on the same way (With a shortcut key) to toggle it back to controller mode instantly?

    Like keep switching between the two modes with one click.

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    Nope, at the moment, you can't turn remap on if it is off, because when it is off reWASD is not working actually.

    However, I have a few other ways to get similar behavior. All of them are described in this post. I would recommend you Shift mode (1) with a Toggle, it does this job perfectly and is used in our default config for PS4 Remote Play that has to turn mouse off.