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    Debating on purchasing this but this trial has been a headache. Two simple questions....

    why does this never truly go off? Like I’ve closed the app, I’ve checked task mgr, rewasd isn’t open, but rapid fire is still on...

    also, in Warzone, while using rewasd everything is functioning properly, but I can’t open the map by clicking the touch pad, I’ve even tried mapping it to itself, it is simply a dead button on my ps4 controller... but if rewasd is off it works fine.

    leading us back to the first problem of rewasd not really turning off when I close the app...

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    reWASD app is a configuration interface. All remapping is done via "Game Controller Mapping Service". To disable remap you have to click on [Remap is ON] button, tap a button that is remapped to [Turn remap off] command, press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DEL] for emergency remap shutdown, or use [Autodetect] function so remap would get disabled once none of associated apps are in focus.

    Touchpad is most likely not working due to having Xbox 360/One selected as a virtual gamepad. Click on [Magic Wand] icon and select [Virtual DS4] instead.