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  • Inheritance

    I use rewasd with an xbox controller and numerous windows apps. There is a parent configuration, which is cloned and customized for specific apps. Maybe six configs competing for the four available slots.

    A change to the parent must be manually applied to all configs derived from it, which is tedious and error prone. Is there a way to have the derived configs inherit changes made to the parent?

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    We cannot be responsible for being able to overwrite some other remapping software. Usually incompatibility with our software is caused by other apps. Thus, we recommend using our software in exclusive mode.
    This is why we suggest selecting 'Empty config' for Windows Accessories app, so no other software can inherit our settings.


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      Probably I have misunderstood you a bit, there is also a possibility to have another layers for your device (Shift Layers). It can be applied to each slot, which makes it 4 Shift Layers and 4 slots (each can have 4 Shift layers in it).

      Still, currently, there is no way for some layer to affect the behavior of another layers. If you want to edit the layer itself, you should enter the needed config and edit it manually. Same with Slots. Slots are simply different configs which can be switched using combination of keys. Thus, if you want to edit it, you should enter the config and edit the mappings manually.


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        I have a bunch of configurations that are variations of the same parent config. They derive most of their functionality from that parent. They are clones of the same parent config, modified for specific applications.

        It would be useful if changes to the parent were automatically inherited by the configs derived from it, similar to the way shift layer 1 inherits everything from layer 0. Right now changes to the parent must be manually applied to any configs downstream.

        Sounds like there is no other way to do this.


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          Once cloned, there is no connection between configs. So whatever changes are made to either of them would not affect another. The closest alternative that will work here and now in a way you've described are indeed [Shifts], though there are only 4 of those and you'd have to switch between them manually, and for "switching" you'd also require [Rapid fire] feature.

          In other words, yes, right now reWASD is unable to do what you ask.

          Though there is also a question of "reverse inheritance". How would reWASD distinguish a change that should be applied to the parent?


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            Though there is also a question of "reverse inheritance". How would reWASD distinguish a change that should be applied to the parent?
            Easy. Have inheritance go one way. Parents not affected by changes to children.

            You smart people could implement this in a few hours I bet. Happy to beta test.



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              Hey there!

              The question is not about a parent, but about children. What if you change something in a child config and then change the same button in the parent. Parent's mapping should be inherited, but you have already re-adjusted it, so should it be inherited this time? Probably not, but that's your request, and so we are trying to understand it properly.

              Also, there is one more thing: when should the children configs be updated? Each time when the parent is? What if you are currently editing both parent's and child's config, then which changes should be saved and re-checked?

              This option is not impossible, but it has too many questions. And frankly speaking, I have never seen such behavior in remappers or even other apps. Usually, cloning is finished right after something is cloned, without any inheritance for the future.