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  • Noob questions

    1- Can I use a Steam controller in ANY game (from a CD, Epic Games, etc.) without opening Steam?

    2- Will reWASD detect cheap generic Chinese controllers or old models from known brands (Rumblepad 2) ?
    How about generic or old gameboards/keypads like the Logitech G13 or the Ideazon Zboard "FANG"?

    3- If I get one or two USB numeric keypads or regular USB keyboards will reWASD detect each one individually and can I remap both the keyboards/keypads separately?

    4- Your webpage says you can use "Corded or Bluetooth" controllers, most of my logitech wireless stuff came with a small USB knob, same with my Steam controllers and every other wireless stuff I own and I don't have Bluetooth, can I still use those?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    1. Yes.

    2. Probably, you won't be able to use Ramblepad, but Logitech G13 will be detected as a keyboard, without the controller inside. Not sure about FANG, but you can check it by yourself, reWASD has a 14-day free fully-functional trial mode.

    3. Yes, each one will be shown as a new device with its separate mappings.

    4. Yes, we support native adapters, no worries.

    No problem, always happy to help!


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      Hello again!

      My bad, I have not recognized the gamepad we support

      Rumblepad 2 seems to be another name for Logitech 510? If yes, then it is fully supported by reWASD. We suggest using it in X-Input mode.