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Rewasd crashes 1 sec after launching

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  • Rewasd crashes 1 sec after launching

    ^^ can some1 help? it worked fine yesterday

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    For starters, you should check if something had changed since yesterday. No way we can figure that out on our side.

    If you have system protection enabled, you can try returning to a restore point made before yesterday.

    Check [Event Viewer] for crash reports related to reWASD (can be found at Windows Logs > Applications, use Find command at the right and search for "rewasd"). Can't tell much without those.

    You can try .NET repair tool available here (try the latest versions).

    Adding reWASD, its service, engine and tray agent to the exclusions list of your anti-virus/security software might help (some of them can interfere with normal reWASD operations).

    Spoofers are known to "break" some things in the system, so if you're using one - that might be the reason.