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rewasd + hyperspin + game problem

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  • rewasd + hyperspin + game problem

    hi ,

    So i have a hyperspin profile and this works perfect .
    But there a few games when i start in rewasd it mes up my xbox controller . I mean it takes over the hyperspin config from rewasd in this game then .

    I fix this half . I just created another rewasd profile for this specifc game .
    But the problem is that it don't switch profiles hyperspin with this specific game in rewasd ?

    It should be like this , so hyperspin starts with hyperspin rewasd profile , When i start that game , hyperspin rewasd profile should stop and rewasd profile for that specific game should start .
    When i quite that game , hyperspin rewasd profile should auto start again .

    Can somebody help

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    Hey! Please check, when you start the game, does hyperspin create a separate process for it?

    If yes, then try to enable "Autodetect associated apps", and add the game and this process to it.
    Here are the steps how to do it:


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      I don't understand nothing . Now i see what is the problem . Its complete ignoring the hyperspin.exe .
      When i turn on rewasd , and i only have 1 config for hyperspin . And its point out to Hyperspin.exe .
      That config even react in windows , why ?
      What i am doing wrong . Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-04-10_19-02-44.png
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        Hey there!

        You still need to activate the Autodetect with this icon:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	6c5bfed214.png
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        Please check more info in our help guide.


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          No , no i already tried this .
          I reinstalled rewasd , i start up rewasd and i can navigate with my xbox controller in windows ??? How come this is happening .
          for example i can navigate with the left stick of the xbox controller in windows or start button is right mouse button ?

          Is this normal , i don't remember i had this before .


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            Ok , it seems navigation with the xbox one controller in windows is normal . I searched how to turn it off , but didn't find it . Turn off steam and rewasd and i can still navigate in windows .
            But thats not the problem . I tested it more , and its really the hyperspin config that is the problem . Like i said before , i start hyperspin , then my game .
            When i do ctrl alt del , i see hyperspin open and my game . So the hyperspin config is still running from rewasd . And there is the problem .


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              The navigation in windows using your controller is possible if you applied the mouse-keyboard mappings to your device.
              If it was not applied in reWASD then something else makes it possible to navigate the Windows using controller.
              Please make sure you have no other mapping software installed.
              Also, please select the needed virtual controller type, the one which is supported by your emulator. Do not turn the remap off during the game as afterwards it might require the emulator/game relaunch.

              The only right way to check whether the issue is game's or reWASD's is checking if the gamepad works on
              If it still works there, but no longer in the game, this means that the issue is in the game/emulator.

              Also, officially, we do not support the emulators, still, there should be no issues with that.

              CTRL+Alt+Delete combination disables the remap in ANY case. It doesn't matter if you are located in some game or so on.


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                I think i found it , for that specific that game atleast . Didn't test anything else . And was for a pc game .
                What i did , hyperspin to slot 1 and pc game to slot 2 . That what was it


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                  Great. We are glad you've found it!