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How turn off associated Apps if Game is inactive

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  • How turn off associated Apps if Game is inactive

    I have added a Game to associated Games and if playing it my Macros will start to work.
    But if tabbing back to Desktop or closing the game the macro is still active.

    How can i make rewasd turning off the remap automatically if i go back to my Destop or just closing the game?

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    Hey. Check that this option is enabled in your settings (as in the screenshot).

    Also, in order for the config to turn off automatically, it must be turned on not manually, but when the application is launched.


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      Oh more easy?!?

      I just added the Game/App to "Associated Apps" and turned on the "Radar Sign" - If i now tab in out ozut the Game/APP the Macro etc. will be deactivated too?

      but i will try urs out too Now that i know Thanks


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        The autodetect works with the .exe files you add into the list. It works only till the app is in focus. Once it is unfocused, it won't be working