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Suitable device for macros and mousing

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  • Suitable device for macros and mousing

    I'm thinking of buying a Nintendo switch pro for a PC application I use regularly, not for gaming.
    I'm convinced that it can be used for macros but is it possible to use it as a mouse for things like selecting text?
    If Switch pro is a bad idea for this purpose please suggest something, I have wrist problems after using the mouse/keyboard for long periods.
    I wanted something which can select, navigate text and also have buttons so that I can run macros. Is there a device that you can suggest

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    Switch Pro is fully supported by reWASD. For your purposes, you can choose any popular controller based on personal preference. You can view supported devices here.


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      Thank you for the reply. I never used a controller much. What do you suggest? Should I just take the Switch pro or go with xbox/DS4 ones?


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        I think you need to decide this yourself. All program functionality is available for all supported controllers. So you need to look at the price + quality.


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          Hey there! You can also check Joy-Cons, they are pretty light and so would be perfect if you are not comfortable with heavy gamepads. Still, any device has its advantages, so it is up to you to decide