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Xbox Series S controller triggers and right stick not transferring in game

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  • wookiepediologist
    The fix for Valorant's issue has been released with the 5.7.1 update. Feel free to check

    Valorant works with only one keyboard and mouse input. In order the game could see the input from the stick, the mappings should be emulated on behalf of your physical devices. Right now, this behavior only affects the mouse, but you can choose both to be sure that everything works perfectly with this or upcoming game’s versions.

    So, to resolve the issue you need the following steps:
    - Ensure that you are using reWASD 5.7.1 version
    - Go to Preferences (gear icon at the bottom right) -> Input Devices tab
    - Choose the physical devices (1) and click Apply (2) (screenshot)
    - Apply your Valorant config (or choose one of those we have in our Community and play)

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  • Support Agent
    Valoran made some changes to the game, so it ignores our virtual mouse if you touch your real one even once while the game is running.
    We are working on the "fix", but for now avoid using your actual mouse while playing Valorant.

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  • Xbox Series S controller triggers and right stick not transferring in game

    So I am trying to get this working so I can play Valorant with a Xbox Series S controller. I can get everything to work just fine, movement, abilities, jumping, crouch, slowwalk etc. But, I assign left trigger for alt-fire/zoom and right trigger for primary fire. My right analog stick is set to be the mouse, however, the triggers nor the right stick transfers into the game and I have no clue why. I already went into the technical support section and tried everything but its not working. I went into the devices on my computer and when I test the buttons the triggers come up as the Z axis instead of registering as a button and idk what thats about. I've used reWASD and joytokey in multiple other games and everything seems to work fine. I see people on youtube playing with a controller on Valorant with reWASD and the joystick moving the camera to aim. Anyone got any tips or ideas on how to fix this issue?