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PS4 controller runs weird HELP!!!!!

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  • PS4 controller runs weird HELP!!!!!

    When I connect my ps4 controller on rewasd and use the ps4 mapping option, the controller runs really weird, a lot pf input lag, it moves different. But when I change it to any xbox mapping, the runs "normal" just with more drift. What can I do, so my controller runs just how it does when I use it without rewasd. I just want to add some macros on the controller

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    High chance you have another remapper or a custom gamepad driver installed, which interferes with normal reWASD operations (ds4windows, hidusbf for "overclocking", vigem, scptools?). Disabling or uninstalling those should help.

    "Drift" can be fixed by increasing the deadzone in game.


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      Thanks for your respond
      I do have DS4 Windows in my computer but I don’t open it when I use Rewasd. Also I reset my windows days ago so there is no other programs running
      Have Tried a of lot option but still happening. The drift doesn’t bother me, but the way the controller feels is no playable. I have to switch it to Xbox mapping option to feel it a little better


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        ds4windows does install a custom driver which works all the time. At least try removing the driver if only temporarily.


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          I will try it, thank u